Image showing the admin dashboard, which includes panels for listing members, revenue, subscriptions, and more.

Easily monetize your online community.

Hundreds of groups use our payment and authentication system to sell memberships to their exclusive Discord servers and software products.

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"Meta Labs is the best dashboard I've ever used. Unlike our previous system, we finally have full control over our community. The team is constantly improving the product, and suggestions are implemented within a few days."


Restock Flippers

"My business would not be possible without Meta Labs. The API took five minutes to integrate into my software add-on. This is my second project with Meta labs, and I'm looking forward to many more in the future."


Orma Robotics

Image showing a list of licenses for members of a Discord server.

Monetize your community
within minutes.

Hundreds of communities have used our platform to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of memberships.








Authenticate your users using our REST API.

Use our simple REST API to charge your members for access to any piece of software, on any platform.

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Completely customize your member portal.

Completely customize your members' experience, including the background, logo, and colors of the member portal. We keep your users out of your DMs by allowing them to manage their subscriptions right from the dashboard.

Image showing a user accessing their member portal, which allows them to manage their subscription and payment information. Image showing a laptop screen.

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Meta Labs is 100% free until you go paid. When you start selling memberships, we take a small percentage on top of Stripe's industry-standard payment processing fee.

5 %

per transaction

Unlimited members

Admin dashboard

Customizable member portal

API access

BotMart integration

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We offer variable pricing with discounts for larger organizations. Get in touch with us and we’ll figure out something that works for everyone.


Can I use Meta Labs for multiple projects?

Absolutely. You can create as many groups as you want using Meta Labs.


Can I switch to Meta Labs from another provider?

100%. Once you set up an account, send us an export of all your current members and their licenses, and we'll import them within 24 hours.


How much does Meta Labs cost?

We take 5% of every transaction. This means if you sell a membership for $10, we take $0.50.


How do I receive payments?

We send your members' payments directly to Stripe. From there, they are deposited into your bank account every few days.

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Stop wasting time with PayPal, spreadsheets, and independent developers. Meta Labs is cheaper and easier, and you still have complete control.

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